Ladies Day 2015

From the Club Captain, Dan Barrett:

Ladies & Gentlemen,

It’s the most exciting time in the Quins’ social calendar again: LADIES DAY!

For those that attended last year and the years preceding, you need no further introduction to the epic-ness of this event.  If you haven’t been, you just need to.  If you’ve been to another clubs’ Ladies Days, remove that from your memory immediately.

Basically, there will be a quality DJ in residence by the name of DJ Dean Pogz (if you went to the Milk Beach parties you’ll have heard him before). There will countless ‘hunky’ rugby players, waiting hand and foot on every female that attends.  You don’t even need to get up to get your Champagne, we will make sure your glass is perpetually full!  Your (non-bathroom related) needs will be fully catered for.


Gents’ Requirements (Players past and present) In order to get your cheaper ticket, you have to bring at least 2 ladies.  Attractive cousins, sister and friends count, we’ll even take attractive Nans as 1/2.  If you are so socially inept that you can’t muster two women, the punishment is to come/be dressed as a lady yourself.  I think you all know by now that we know what we’re doing in this area – yes, we will be dressing you and yes you will be ashamed.  In order to bring a male friend, you have to have sold two ladies tickets.  It’s Ladies Day after all.

Tickets In order for us to purchase the abundance of booze required, we need to pre-sell tickets.  The sooner the better, see below for the incentivised pricing:

‘Early-Bird’ – before Sunday April 19th Just $25 will include as much Champagne as you can drink.  There will be beer, punch and finger food too.  This price applies to tickets bought by Ladies or Gents for Ladies.

Spot the Quin whose 30th fell on Ladies Day 2014

Almost ‘Early-Bird’ – before Friday 15th May
Just $30; same deal as packaged above, but you needlessly pay more – again, by or for Ladies only.

On The Day – Saturday 16th May
$40; again, same ludicrous package as before but even more money.  We need to cover the cost of food and drink so we’d actually prefer you to pay earlier…  Thank you, Ladies.

Gents/Non-Players $50 will get you unlimited beer, decent music, 3 reasonable/excellent games of rugby to watch.  Most importantly, hundreds of beautiful (albeit, somewhat rugby-tolerant) women will be there to share a drink with or other rugby boys, if that’s what floats your boat.  Harlequins don’t judge.

Quins Players Simple: $40 for unlimited booze.  Knowing all of you, I know we needn’t say more.  If you sell more than 10 tickets, come and see one of the players committee and we’ll work a deal out for your tickets.  In order to bring a male friend, you have to have sold two ladies tickets.

If you weren’t incentivised enough by the first point, what are you doing?  If you can’t make it there, you must be a seriously incredible/credible excuse, especially if you’re coming on tour.

The game of ‘Tell’er’ applies throughout the day.  If you don’t know what the rules for that are, you could be up for a very shameful/drunken day.  More info/rules are on the way…