First Quins Trial Bodes Well For Season

Quins took 2 teams down to Maroubra last weekend in an effort to rehearse lines before the season opener against, well, we don’t yet know.  Under balmy skies and missing a coach, both teams played a quarter against local rivals Alexandria Dukes and the Manly Savers with a plethora of new players and combinations to test.

The ‘1st’ XV won both games, scoring a try in each game, while the ‘2nd’ XV lost both, shipping a brace in each.  Fitness is an issue for both teams to improve on, despite good defensive performances and a few encouraging debuts.

Views from ‘2nd’ XV skipper for the day (quoted as saying he wants to retain the position for the entire season…) Dean Pogroske:

Considering that it was the first time most of us have played together, with no subs and in positions that we weren’t necessarily confident in (Leggy = prop and Brady =fully back) it was on overall solid effort and everyone should keep their heads up – our performance was a good indication that if we training hard and get to know one and other we can easily defeat teams like Manly and the Dukes going forward


  • Fitness – It was clear that each of us were out of breath pretty quickly – not unusual at the start of the season, however, fitness is usually the make or break for the quins when it comes to finals. We all need to make an effort to not only commit at training, but as croc said, work on your fitness in your own time – it will make your game time a lot more enjoyable!
  • Over commitment at break downs / rucks – This created holes in our defence and placed significant pressure on our defensive line – we will practice pillar & post drills at training to ensure that this becomes second nature to everyone.
  • Slow the ball down – On a number of occasions when we had possession, in particular against Dukes, we panicked and either ran the ball into a ruck with no support, or the ball was turned over because there was no support in attack. This is something we will improve though communication and training together as a team – we need to work together and not rush up alone – this will improve in due course.
  • Simple rugby! – We (quins) have always won when we stick to a simple rugby game plan. We have a solid set of forwards who (with practice) can crash ball for 2/3/4 phases and get clean ball for the backs to give them a run and use their speed.

When we had possession we made some silly mistakes – ie. Not using the ball wisely in our 22, or throwing the ball loosely.

Let’s secure the ball – there were too many occasions when we ran the ball, were tackled and the other team stole the ball – take someone with you – we will work on this drill over and over till we get it, including your ball placement once you are tackled. (Kwoky has a great drill for this).

*Brady – great defence & communication – especially in a relatively new position – well done mate (I don’t endorse high tackles but it looked pretty sweet from the other end of the field)  Kempy also showed great nous at the set-piece.

We look forward to a big trial weekend coming up, and fitness levels rising before Round 1.  Go Quins.